Market & Feasibility Analysis

Every successful project begins with intentional market reconnaissance and thorough feasibility analysis.  A project must be grounded in the realities of the market place together with the land use and regulatory environment.  In order to know what to build, one must first understand the demands of the market.  In order to know how to get a project approved, one must understand the entitlement landscape and how it impacts a potential project.  Picking the right development strategy and land use approach from the outset, will greatly influence the viability and eventual success of a project. 

With decades of boots on the ground experience in Monterey County, Woodman Development has the market insights and land use expertise to analyze potential projects to evaluate their viability.  As a broker, William Silva has more than 25 years of industry experience selling more than 750 homes in new communities and several hundred more as resales.  This understanding of the market, its geographical nuances, and what makes properties sell is invaluable project foresight.  Combined with statistical market analysis, this can coalesce into market research that can greatly inform the direction of a project.

Since 1976, Woodman Development has been developing real estate in Monterey County.  William Silva has been leading that effort for more than 25 years with proven success measured in thousands of residential units developed regionally.  He has led the company efforts for land acquisitions and project feasibility, determining the highest and best use for each project, along with developing the eventual product, and mapping out the land use processes.  Choosing the right development model for each unique property and designing the right product for the marketplace is where every successful project begins.